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Running ASP.NET 5 on Kestrel with Service Fabric

By default the ASP.NET 5 project template, which ships with the Service Fabric SDK, configures your ASP.NET 5 application to run with Web Listener. The ASP.NET team changed the hosting model and dropped Helios in IIS. Instead they are forwarding the traffic using a HttpPlatformHandler towards Kestrel. Because I’m developing my application mostly on my Mac, using Visual Studio Code, I don’t see a reason why I would like to support two hosting models (Kestrel and Web Listener) with my application. I also want to profit from the performance improvements Kestrel offers in production. In this post I will show you how to change the project to use Kestrel instead of Web Listener.

Cache busting using ASP.NET Core

You are building this awesome new feature in your application’s javascript code and designed a kick-ass responsive UI by using media queries in your css. The marketing team has create a cool banner on the front page announcing this new feature. You’ve create automated tests and everything and happily you push your changes to production. Suddenly you get calls from people asking what has happened to this new feature and why the application misbehaves. You’re trying to figure out the problem but it works on your machine?! On you colleague’s computer you see the problem. The old javascript and css files are still used and you have to tell him to clear his browser cache. How are you going to tell this to all your customers?