About me

My name is Vincent Lesierse. I'm a software architect and technology enthousiast with my head in the cloud and love to code.

I started out with a pasion for software engineering, but grew over years into the cloud where I love the challenges of scale and the dynamics of running software for a large set of users. I like to cover the full stack of the application. Think about composing the UI and allow the customer to have the best experience possible, communicate in a resilient and same maner or make sure the data is stored and retrieved efficiently.

Most of my time I've designed and developed framework components using .NET, but I've written applications on various stacks. As fun that it is, I like to be practical as well to bring value for the customer. As a developer and architect I believe you should continuously broaden your horizon and try out various technologies, patterns and practices.

If you want to contact me, please send me an email (vincent@lesierse.com)

Vincent Lesierse